Miami, FL

23243 SW 108th CT, New Build single home

  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Bathroom(s)
  • Miami International Airport
  • 24.00miles

MIA - Cold beds –

New house and community
Including a clubhouse and swimming pool just across the street from the house.

30 minutes away from Miami International Airport. The house is located blocks away from supermarkets, shopping centers like Target, Southland Mall, and many restaurants. Very close to turnpike onramp with access to Mia airport and Key Largo. 35 minutes from Key Largo.

Private rooms
Per Month $900
Both bedrooms have full-size beds large
Both rooms come with a computer desk and large closest.

There is full access to the living room, dining room area, kitchen, patio, and grounds. The living room has a 75-inch Smart TV.
washer and dryer
All utilities Included

$100 cleaning fee. 303-956-1526

Location Amenities
Full kitchen
Bedding provided
Location Preferences
Pilot only
Flight attendant only
$975.00 per month