Commerce City, CO

Crash here Denver

  • 1 Beds
  • 4 Bathroom(s)
  • Denver International Airport
  • 7.00miles

In a new up scale location, and to Accommodate the guests best possible! Offering cold beds from twin to full, with storage space . Also provided (optional) bedding what's included in the pricing are the following: at $300 a month for females. $400 for males The males on a separate floor and only 3 available beds with more space than females. Everything is completely brand new.
* roku/wifi
* brand new bedding
* toiletpaper/paper towels
* clean and affordable
* hair dryer / iron
* keypad entry
* fully furnished
* laundry machines
* storage space
* ride requests

Location Amenities
Full kitchen
Bedding provided
Weekly cleaners
Location Preferences
Female only
Male only
Pilot only
Flight attendant only
$275.00 per month