Des Plaines, IL


  • 1 Beds
  • 4 Bathroom(s)
  • Chicago OHare International Airport
  • 3.00miles

DREAMPAD taking your comfort, well being, and convenience to another level!

*10 min from ORD (22 min by transit in total with a 3 min walk)

*Stores, restaurants, and groceries very short walking distance

*DREAMPAD has more than 4,000 sq/ft to give you plenty of space and for your storage needs.

*Pool table, darts, jacuzzi, mini gym and much more just in case you need to let out some steam.

*Cold beds start at only $275 at this LIMITED time promotional price, contact for more info!

DREAMPAD is not a Crashpad it's much more. DREAMPAD is you getaway heaven, DREAMPAD has ALL of the NECESSARY amenities that we as flight crew deserve to have while we are away from home and having long days at work. DREAMPAD includes huge kitchen, spacious rooms with plenty of storage, everything you need in walking distance, jacuzzi to relax and unwind, pool table, playing darts, mini gym, a beauty spot for all your needs to look your best right before going to work, and MUCH MUCH more, this is NOT a Crashpad this is DREAMPAD !!!

Location Amenities
Full kitchen
Weekly cleaners
Location Preferences
Female only
Male only
Pilot only
Flight attendant only
$275.00 per month