SNA/John Wayne Airport Crashpad

  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Bathroom(s)
  • John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport
  • 5.00miles

We are a quiet married couple in our 50s living in Tustin. Our home is, near Tustin Ranch Road and Walnut in a 4 bedroom single-story home with no pets. It is located in a residential neighborhood and close to The MarketPlace and The District. We have a room with a half-closet space, bed with linens, hooks to hang items and shelves. Bright window and hardwood floor. It is a subdued beige color room, hoping to put artwork in the next month or two. The rate is $1250/mo with laundry access, lite kitchen use and street parking. The bathroom is shared - clean, well ventilated with 2 sinks, and shower tub. The rent will include utilities and internet. The most noise you will hear from us is TV watching in the front of the house. No overnight guests. Ability to take an Uber or Lyft, if needed. Let us know if you are interested!

Location Amenities
Bedding provided
Location Preferences
Male only
Pilot only
$1250.00 per month