About Crash Pads

Pure CrashPads is an online rental and travel listing site for aviation professionals (pilots, flight attendants, maintenance), traveling professionals (traveling nurses, military etc.) and those looking for month-to-month, affordable housing. We help you find and book your next home away from home. With both the renter, crash pad owner/host in mind, we aim to help simplify the process of finding your next crash pad while providing our crash pad hosts a simple and stress-free process for listing properties; with the ability to manage scheduling and rent collection.

Our Mission:

Our Mission

What is a crash pad? 

What is a crash pad?

A crash pad is temporary housing for professionals, commonly in the aviation industry, medical industry and military. It is an individual bed rental where the renter will generally share a room with other renters. Crash Pads are commonly based on month-to-month rental agreements but can be extended. 

Why pure CrashPads? 

Why pure crashpads

As aviation and software marketing professionals, the founders of pure CrashPads realized the challenges of finding available bed rentals across the nation. It was time consuming and costly trying to find available crash pads with very few resources. It was because of this that pure CrashPads was born. They wanted to create a central location that streamlined this process and made it easy for both tenants and hosts, while not costing an arm and a leg. They wanted to offer a FREE service to those looking for housing and an affordable way for homeowners/hosts to market and promote their properties while streamlining rental processes.