Miami, FL

Comfort Plus Crash Pad Miami

  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Bathroom(s)
  • Miami International Airport
  • 3.90miles

Immaculate crashpad located inside a 4 bedroom home in Miami. Less than 10 minutes from MIA, we provide all the amenities you require for a good nights rest. To maximize the comfort of our guests, each room is equipped with two twin beds. Bedding and Towels provided.

-Wifi Included

Shared Rooms
$300 Deposit
$600 Monthly
$900 Moves you in!

-Single Rooms available for those desiring privacy.
$500 Deposit
$1000 Monthly
$1500 Moves you in!

3.9 MILES from MIA

Contact Ms. Williams at 786-487-2286

Location Amenities
Full kitchen
Bedding provided
Location Preferences
Flight attendant only
$600.00 per month