Fort Lauderdale , FL

FLL Flamingo Crashpad

  • 1 Beds
  • 2 Bathroom(s)
  • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport
  • 6.00miles

FLL! Flamingo Crashpad, Fort Lauderdale, 🦩 where a select breed of pilots, air marshals, and flight attendants come to roost! Coed, because even flamingos appreciate a diverse flock.

Just 6 miles from FLL, 5 miles to your employee parking paradise, and a quick 22 miles hop to MIA (Miami, we see you!). We're conveniently perched 2 miles from the Tri-Rail station and only 6 miles from the beach. Keyless entry and there are no flamingo-sized stairs here, it's all ground-level enjoyment!

Your crashpad kingdom includes your very own bed (no sharing with fellow flamingos), charging station for your gadgets, a shower shelf to sing about, a kitchen shelf for your culinary masterpieces, and fridge space to store all your snacks (Flamingos love snacks).

Our memory foam mattresses come with zippered encasements for those unexpected spills (we've all been there, right?), and privacy curtains for when you want to hide your feathery self away from the world.

We've got a weekly cleaning service because even flamingos need their nests tidy. Plus, we disinfect regularly, so it's as clean as a flamingo's beak. No bugs allowed here! Our management is on the property, making sure you feel more pampered than a flamingo in a spa.

Parking? We've got it in abundance! The neighborhood is as safe and quiet as a flamingo's nighttime serenade. We've even got AC with UV light (because we care about you).

For entertainment, enjoy high-speed internet, Cable TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Fire Stick. And when you're not soaring through the skies, unwind in our hot tub or show off your BBQ skills on our grill.

Need groceries? Take a short waddle to Publix, CVS, Winn Dixie, Subway, Pizza, and laundromats – everything a flamingo could need!

But wait, there's more! Drama-free living is our motto. We're looking for fellow flamingos who are as clean, neat, and considerate as we are. Trust us, we can't stand a messy nest either!

Ready to land at Flamingo Crashpad? A refundable deposit of $250 is all it takes to secure your spot in this aviary paradise. Monthly rent is just $400.

Schedule an interview and tour in person or via FaceTime, and let's make sure you're a good fit for our fabulous flock. Use TEXT MESSGE to Ruth at 408-607-4888 or leave VOICEMAIL mssg. And don't forget to check out our nest on Facebook:

Join us, because when it comes to crashpads, we're a flamingo above the rest! 🦩✈️

Location Amenities
Full kitchen
Bedding provided
Weekly cleaners
Location Preferences
$400.00 per month